woensdag 7 maart 2012

Duitse honden

The German shepherd, first registered as a breed in 1889 by a former cavalry captain, Max von Stephanitz, was selected for intelligence and steadiness as well as power. The Germans fielded thirty thousand dogs in the first World War, and used them for everything from transporting medicine and wounded soldiers to shuttling messages between trenches. When the war was over, the animals were mostly killed, discarded, or consumed by the starving populace. "Dog meat has been eaten in every major German crisis at least since the time of Frederick the Great, and is commonly referred to as 'blockade mutton'", Time noted, in 1940."Dachshund is considered the most succulent."
Uit: Burkhard Bilger, Beware of the Dogs, The New Yorker, 27.02.2012
Het prentje (via crackdog): ja, Duitse honden wisten tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog wel wat goed voor ze was. Luisteren naar das fräulein of voor je donnerwetter kon zeggen stond je tot aan je ellebogen in het slijk van de IJzervlakte. Om daarna, als het wat tegen zat, in de Sauerkraut te eindigen. Verdammt nog mal!

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