vrijdag 22 augustus 2014

Trieste clowns

Goed stuk van David Weigel. Over waarom mensen die ogenschijnlijk niets hebben om over te klagen, toch wegzakken in depressies. Weigel vat mooi samen wat de Zwarte Hond je op kwade momenten komt influisteren:

One: You earned none of what you have. You're a fraud. People are going to find out. Everything your critics have said about you, is completely right.

Two: All that other stuff you feel, the negativity and the screw-ups? You definitely earned that, because you're meant to fail. You've succeeded, and you still feel this way? Why, that's proof that you won't possibly feel better.

Three: Nobody truly likes you. They can desert you at any moment. They're succeeding, and you're not.

Al even niet gezien, onze Blackie. Houden zo, Blackie.

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