dinsdag 17 december 2013

Tutwiler Street

In het speciale aan de muziek gewijde nummer van The Oxford American -het literaire tijdschrift van en over the American South- schrijft Roseanne Cash, één van de dochters uit het eerste huwelijk van Johnny Cash, over haar vader (prentje). Mooi verhaal (hier). Een klein stukje:

I have only one memory of living on Tutwiler Street. There was a candy store at the end of our block, and I remember walking hand-in-hand with my dad to the little shop on the corner and being allowed to choose any candy I wanted. My cousin Jackie Cash, daughter of my Uncle Roy, has a more potent memory. She was eight years old, visiting us in the duplex when I was a baby, and sitting next to my dad on the sofa while he played guitar and fooled around with lyrics. She recalls him yelling to my mother in the kitchen, “Honey, listen to this,” and he sang,“But that train keeps a’rollin’/ on down to San Antone.” Alas, I don’t remember that at all.

En wat Jackie zich herinnert is natuurlijk het ontstaan van Folsom Prison Blues (filmpje).

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