woensdag 7 september 2011

De sterren van Borges

En hoe stonden de sterren voor Jorge Luis Borges? Volgens Art & Astrology voortreffelijk:
Neptune is quintile Moon and sextile Venus. Venus rules Midheaven and is half semi square Midheaven. And see how prominent Moon, Venus and Neptune are! Venus rises before the Sun, between Sun and Mercury. Neptune is the first rising outer planet. And the Moon is elevated. The Moon, Venus and Neptune are connected and related to Midheaven. They are also prominent in the chart.

This is a complete pattern of a professional artist already. The sign Cancer is important because the Ascendant is Cancer. Taurus is important because Midheaven is in Taurus. There is also Mercury quintile Jupiter for creative succes with communications and Venus in aspect with Jupiter/Pluto (for earning a lot of money).
Een hele geruststelling. Stel dat de sterren Borges ongeschikt hadden verklaard voor de kunst. Je mag er niet aan denken.

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