woensdag 14 september 2011


In de reeks Miskende Uitvindingen, vandaag Rita A. Della Vecchia’s aaiapparaat:
One of the primary elements of this relationship of man with domestic pets seems to be the scratching, stroking and petting of a pet that can be accomplished by its human symbiont by reason of his greater dexterity. … The instant invention provides a mechanical device to simulate this activity for pets without requiring human attention, with the thought that, by reason of the learned behavior of such animals, the animal will associate this activity, as to its source of origin, with its human symbiont.
(Via Futility Closet)

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lulu zei

Pfffff!!! Arme hond! Niets kan een welgemeende knuffel vervangen, noch voor een kind, noch voor een hond!