zondag 22 augustus 2010


In Manhattan, 23-year-old Frieda Mierse, onetime Follies showgirl, onetime "Miss New York" (1927) discussed the problems of her married life with 51-year-old Comedian Ed Wynn. Highlights: She is recuperating from one of "all sorts of breakdowns" she says she has suffered since she married Wynn 14 months ago; she is forced to hire a $20-a-night gigolo to take her out because "everybody's afraid to dance with me on account of my husband." Explained Miss Mierse: "Ed's elderly and I'm young. It's making a wreck out of me. I'm losing weight awfully."

Uit: Time, 22 augustus 1938.
Het prentje: Frieda Mierse, Ziegfeld girl, Alfred Cheney Johnston, ca. 1932, via ...trialsanderrors.

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